The boys from Dangerous Muse got a little suggestive when performing a new song called "Secret" at Logo’s New Now Next Awards.  Arjan Writes suggested that this would be pretty hot, so we’ve been waiting in the wings to see this – and finally it arrived on YouTube today for us all to enjoy.  I am so NOT disappointed with the new tune either…the boys know how to push my electronic buttons – that’s for sure!

Dangerous Muse are still managing to keep us titillated with releasing tracks slowly but surely in anticipation of a full-length album – and it’s totally working – like that hot guy/gal you’ve had you’re eye for awhile but they are just ever-so-slightly out-of-reach…that’s how I feel about DM’s music at the moment.  One day, it’s gonna drop like a ton of bricks.  In the meantime, I don’t mind that continual electronic flirtation the boys waive our way, for now.

"Secret" – Live at the New Now Next Awards.