Ok – So you may be a little upset with us as we have had ourselves a little itsy-bitsy holiday, so we apologise , so to make it up to you, here is a SHITE-LOAD of download recommendations…this should keep you very entertained for awhile…and yes we are back!

Roosterx27x10x04xrev_1<– Rooster : Come Get Some

This hot little band came out awhile ago and their debut track is quite the rockin one.  In fact, their whole album, cleverly entitled ‘Rooster’ is burning red-hot and you wouldn’t be disappointed if you downloaded the whole thing.

Paula Abdul : My Love Is For Real

Our favourite American Idol pill-popper (yes, we do get American Idol in England) has been getting a lot of headlines lately about all the hot guys she’s dating lately, so it got us thinking – what good Paula songs can we recommend – well ‘My Love Is For Real’ is one of em.  Little do most people know, this song features the stunning background vocals of Ofra Haza – may her soul rest in peace.

Willie Nelson : Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly (Fond Of Each Other)

Have you fuckin heard this song?  OMG – it’s hilarious.  It’s so nice to know that there are actually rednecks that stand up against homophobia.  Willie – you make us want to go out and download your entire catalog to help you with your tax bills.  Love ya Willie (in more than a million different ways).

Joaquin Phoenix : Various Songs from ‘Walk The Line’

We haven’t seen ‘Walk The Line’ yet, but we are truly mesmerized by Joaquin Phoenix’s voice on this stunning soundtrack.  Check out ‘Cry Cry Cry’, ‘Ring Of Fire’, ‘I Walk The Line’ and ‘Get Rhythm’.  Joaquin has really channeled Johnny Cash hasn’t he?  We don’t even like country music, yet we can’t get enough of these killer tracks.

Gemma Hayes : Tomorrow

Gemma is making a huge marketing push in the UK at the moment, and it’s not a wonder as her new single ‘Tomorrow’ is fantastic.  Her album ‘The Roads Don’t Love You’ is very good in it’s entirety too – we also downloaded a few other tracks from it and we are sure you will too.

Morningwood : New York Girls

This song has attitude to the ‘Nth Degree’.  Morningwood is one of those bands that you will probably love half their tracks and hate half the other, but their good tracks like ‘New York Girls’ will leave you wanting more.  Give this song a try and download it.

Cyndi Lauper featuring Sarah Mclachlan : Time After Time

This reworked version of the Cyndi Lauper classic made us cry – for reals!  We love love love Cyndi and the fact that she teamed up with Sarah is legendary in the making.  This song has to be one of the best written songs of all time.  Taken from Cyndi’s new showcase album ‘The Body Accoustic’.