The buzz is all about Daft Punk right now. Their switch to Columbia Records must have included a top marketing team because they’ve had more teasers than a Beyonce video premiere. For weeks fans have been hearing snippets of new music anxiously waiting for an official release. The album called, “Random Access Memories” arrives in May, but everyone from Todd Edwards and legendary producer Giorgio Moroder are sharing their Daft Punk memories in the The Collaborators video series by The Creators Project. The web series talks with the collaborators on the new album giving an inside look at their inspiration. The latest video features Pharrell Williams who alongside Nile Rodgers are featured in the new single, “Get Lucky.” The soulfully smooth track is not what I was expecting, but has certainly raised my excitement for the full project. You can stream episode 4 featuring Pharrell Williams below.

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Random Access Memories is available May 17th.