Welcome to an insightful conversation with Cyazon, the talented Electronic music producer who’s been making waves with his unique sound and futuristic style. In this EQ Music interview, we delve into the roots of his musical journey, exploring his early influences and the artists who have shaped his distinctive style. Join us as we uncover the musical inspirations that fuel Cyazon’s creativity and learn about the unexpected sources that have helped shape his productions.

Hello Cyazon! How are you?
Hello, doing good, thank you!

Can you tell us, what was your first introduction into Electronic Music? Who initially inspired you?
My first introduction to Dance music was in 2011 when Nero released their album Welcome Reality. Skrillex was also putting out music around that time. I was also checking out the UKF Dubstep & UKF Drum&Bass YouTube channels too. I would say in 2012 is when I became more interested in Electronic music, when I discovered Krewella, Seven Lions, and similar Dubstep artists.

How would you say your musical influences have developed as you have grown as an artist?
My musical influences have evolved significantly over the years. As I described earlier, I was listening to everything. Then in 2015, I became more into the futuristic sound of Xilent and Au5. From 2022 to currently, I have been following the direction of more of an analog sound like the artists Nero and Dimension.

Do you find that there is a usually a specific element of a track that inspires you more?
Usually, the analog type of synth elements inspire me the most in a track.

What are some of your favourite genres outside of Electronic Music?
I really love listening to Ambient music when I am trying to relax. I also listen to some Rock and Indie music too.

Sometimes random sources can spark creativity, can you remember a moment when a sound or everyday experience unexpectedly influenced one of your productions?
A few unreleased tracks I’m working on were influenced by the sounds used in some songs. Nero’s tracks, ‘Two Minds’ and ‘What Does Love Mean’, and Dimension’s tracks, ‘Black Church’ and ‘Remedy’.

What do you find feeds your creativity more, is it music from new artists, listening to your favourite tracks or attending live shows?
I would say it’s more listening to my favorite tracks.

Are there any new artists or genres that you have been listening to recently?
This year I started listening to more Drum&Bass, and made more Drum&Bass, so I can release it. Although, I have heard of Dimension before, I started listening to him a lot more fairly recently, in June this year.

Do you ever find inspiration in your own personal experiences? If so, how do you integrate this into your productions?
Sometimes yes, I do have a personal experience from the past, or a current one that I can implement into the storyline of Cyazon and the music. I usually do this mainly through the lyrics, and describing what the song is about in the Cyazon stories when I release it.

Do you have an artist or genre that you enjoy listening to that might surprise fans?
I listen to an artist called Youth 83 on Spotify when I’m driving. It’s very Synthwave and dreamy sounding, so it might not be so much of a surprise to fans, but very different music. Sometimes, I’ll listen to Metal/Screamo music and Orchestral music from movie and video game soundtracks.

As our conversation with Cyazon comes to a close, we thank him for his time talking with us and sharing the influences that have guided his musical evolution. From his early encounters with Electronic music to the evolving sounds that inspire him today, Cyazon’s journey is proof of the rich influences that shape the world of music. His openness to diverse genres and unexpected sources of inspiration continues to drive his creative endeavors, making him an artist to watch as he forges his unique path in the Electronic music landscape.

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