Very often in music a group of beautiful female vocalists come together and form a fierce pop career. In the 60s there was The Supremes, the 90s had TLC, then later Destiny’s Child and Girls Aloud took the girl group to another level. If history repeats itself, then Cimorelli is the next big thing. The 6 sisters from California have created a great name for themselves turning popular songs into well arranged a capella performances stripped of synthesizers, auto tune or dance beats.  The success of their popular YouTube channel earned them a contract with Universal.

Recently the band covered “Cups” by Ana Kendrick. Using just 2 cups and their 6 voices they created a superb rendition of the innovative song. The 6 part harmony gave it an entirely new feel.  Normally Ana Kendrick sings the song alone so adding 5 more vocals gave room for creative embellishments. There was additional backing vocals added and a polished spin on the arrangement.

Living near one of the most popular Ivy League colleges in the country, a capella groups make their way into your life at some point. While I am not usually impressed with their song choices, but I am always captivated by how all of their voices together can command attention and concentration. It is proof that the voice is still one of the most powerful instruments in music.

“Cups” was originally performed by Lulu and the Lampshades whose version is a bit more playful. While you can never beat the classics you can surely make them your own. The Cimorelli’s did a great job taking on “Cups” in their unique way.  Let this inspiring video be a reminder to talent scouts and managers: Don’t forget about THE VOICE.