MarieMarie 2It’s fair to say we’ve become a touch captivated by emerging eclectic pop artiste MarieMarie here at EQHQ, yes we courted an instant attraction to her cotton candy frothy mane previously when we introduced you to debut “Under The Neon Sky”, but deeper than the visually pleasing aesthetics MarieMarie successfully embeds her classical tendencies within her contemporary mother sound of invention, and it’s one that I personally approve of very much.

How many harpists can you name if any at all that have crossed over into the cool zone as MarieMarie is proving? I know that the quota of music knowledge that I’ve soaked up though my years can’t even bring me to name one harpist.

A series of previews for the follow-up release “Cotton Candy Hurricane” have surfaced online although with the snippets so short, I felt in truth to wait out for the full video release. However, an extended glimpse at a remix by fellow German producer Peer Kusiv has proved too tempting to ignore.

In “Cotton Candy Hurricane” you will feel a noticeable shift into a more eclectic pop direction fed with a backbone of bubbling synths in support to the swirling dreamwoven harp stringed accents mixed with MarieMarie’s avant-garde suited vocal sensibilities.