Thief 1

Oz pop delivers us an electro pop treat of a track that I think, we might just get up in our heads and a little bit dizzy with!

PJ Wolf now known in the music circles as Thief, has wowed over his home Australian audience with his rippling sonic soundwaved tracks, scoring praise whilst outright winning OZ’s Triple J Radio’sUnearthed Top Song” competition.

On the back of his success, the sound of Thief is one that is now considered ripe for cross over to the UK and similarly the USA together.

Our introduction to Thief comes via the absolute sonic delight of a track “Closer”, a track that comes with copious hits of glissading synth loveliness about it, whilst honing in some big brass attributes that sound off with an additional braying tone of warmth from out of the horn section.

Closer”, whilst being of the niche type of pop the track, does by it’s one of a kind pop appeal, not lend itself so readily to comparisons although, an eclectic Miike Snow goes some way in directing it to a music audience.

What more can I add, my brain is already buzzing with it’s deepness, the urbanely twisted vocals, those twinkly shiny synths and overall everythingness about it!.