One of my favourite electronica bands, Cassette Electrik need your help.

They are currently involved with the British Heart Foundation in a downloads competition which could ultimately get them a prime spot at The Big Chill Festival

So what do you need to do to help support them you ask?  Well, you just need to Alterhit.com and download their tracks which also include the Adamix remix of "No Knowing".  Fab!

They currently are at number one and have a guaranteed spot at The Big Chill Festival if they can remain there – the only way to help them is to for you to download their tracks…so please do so – not only will you be downloading some "kick ass electro with soul" but you'll also be helping out a really worthwhile charity!

Full download details after the jump – please do what you can to help!


  • Go to Alterhit.com
  • Register for a Friend
  • Charge up your account with £3
  • Search for Cassette Electrik, locate our page and click ‘buy’ on two of songs we have there.
  • Download the
    songs, watch them rocket up the charts and feel good about your charitable
    donation (all proceeds go to the British Heart
See Cassette Electrick at number one here: http://alterhit.com/comps/BigChillFestival2009

info: http://cassetteelectrik.wordpress.com