Claire 2

It’s been a while in making its way to the UK, but imminently Munich originating indietronica group Claire will be amidst the release of their debut album “The Great Escape” twinned prior by the release of their 2nd UK marketed single “Broken Promise Land”.

This flurrie of activity comes in the wake of their recent appearance at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton at the beginning of May.

Following on from the previous occasions were we have duly brought the tracks “Pioneers” and “Games” to the EQ audience’s attention, but before we dip into the bonus track “Silent Friday”, we pause first to cover upcoming single “Broken Promise Land”.

Most notably an atmospheric slow burning track paced at mid-tempo, “Broken Promise Land’s” sonic mood setting is the perfect suitor to front woman Josie-Claire Bürkle’s wispy and breathily delivered vocals. There is much about this track that puts to mind Empire Of The Sun, such as the cracking synth hooks that embed themselves within the overall softly touched presentation, and furthermore the utopian dreamy ideology that rises up from it’s sonic soundscape.

To add some further weight to the impending album release of “The Great Escape” the group offer an additional gift of new track “Silent Friday”. As much as Josie’s haunting vocals leap out from the synth backdrop, the gleaming trickle of cascading keys are also richly stirring in a heartily steamy electronic soup of particularly new wave leaning sensibilities, that it is hard to ignore that Claire have much to offer to the UK fans of electronica, such as ourselves.

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