In this day and age, social media has evolved from being something that we could use to keep in touch with our friends and family into a tool that various corporations and organizations use to spread the word about their products and services. The EDM industry has not been immune to the calls of social media either, as one of the hottest names in the industry to date has taken to social media and entertainment sites to get in touch with their fans and reach out to more people.

Social media and social gaming are among the strongest forces in today’s society. Gaming Realms, owners and operators of Free Bingo Hunter, have recognized that investing in social gaming is essential to “creating a fully integrated and richer gaming experience for customers”, and they have since launched efforts to make their games more social with in-game notifications and a collection bonus mechanism. All of their brands also have a complete roster of social media accounts.

But some acts use social media to their advantage better than others, such as famed EDM DJ Bingo Players. Bingo Players, which is now the stage name of Maarten Hoogstraten, has been on social media since it was formed. In the past, it had been a duo, including Paul Baumer, who passed away in December of 2013 after battling cancer. All announcements about the group’s status had been made on their Facebook page, and more recently, Maarten Hoogstraten took to Reddit to answer some questions his fans might have.

In a Reddit AMA, Maarten discussed what it was like to continue on with Bingo Players even after the passing of his partner, and what he felt was in the future for EDM. When asked how he thought the EDM scene would be in 10 years, he said, “I don’t know where the music and parties will be in 10 years from now. Things evolve so fast in this scene, which is awesome, but it’s hard to predict which direction it will go. One thing is for sure, it WILL be around for another 10 years.”

He also offered some advice to those who wanted to try and make it in the EDM scene as well: “The best way to recognition is to make something unique! We get some many demo’s that sound like Tsunami copy no. 2189763. Don’t get me wrong, i love Tsunami. But one Tsunami is enough. So, take a risk and fool around with new sounds and ideas. Once that song gets played by many people, you’ll stand out from the rest!”

Bingo Players is just one of the many acts that have started using pop culture and social media to get their messages across to wider audiences. Thanks to the internet and the proliferation of social media, it’s now much easier to increase their fan bases, and help fans understand why they do what they do.