Apple’s iPod Shuffle is one of their most convenient products. You can clip it to your side and listen to music wherever you go without fear of cracking a screen or having something too big to fit in your pocket. If you prefer something a bit more substantial though, for use around the home as well as on the go, then Argos sell the iPod Touch, the iPod of the future which mirrors many features from the iPhone 5.

But if you just want to listen to music on your iPod, and you don’t really need hundreds of gigabytes of space, then the Shuffle is for you. Still with enough room to keep hundreds of songs, they’re perfect for the morning jogger or runner. Whatever your favourite genre of music is, you’ll need it to compliment some awesome views, so make sure to take your iPod with you when you explore the following cool US city locations.

Whether you want to merely be inspired by one-of-a-kind views or if you want to make up your own action movie scene inside your head, be sure to blast your tunes as you run in the following cities to make them more powerful and dramatic than they already are.

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Chicago, Illinois

There is an 18 mile long running path that winds along Lake Michigan, which inevitably provides some stunning scenery. With a majestic skyline reflecting on the lake, and some beautiful natural park land, there’s plenty to run and listen to music to. The city has put so much thought and consideration into this path, and has installed water fountains along it so runners don’t dry out.

Recommended song for your Shuffle: ‘Good Time’ by Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen.

new york
New York, N.Y.

Central Park is encompassed by a scenic 6 mile loop to run around, and there is a 60,000-member New York Road Runners club. This huge concrete jungle is actually perfect for joggers and runners, regardless if you’re a professional or just casual. The largest marathon in the country is here (heading through all five boroughs) and there are loads of runners training for this all year round.

Recommended song for your Shuffle: ‘Empire State Of Mind’ by Alicia Keys.

Portland, Oregon

There’s a wonderful mix of the city and the countryside here. Running alongside the Willamette River is absolutely gorgeous, and there are loads of running trails roughly made out, lined with all kinds of different trees, just outside of downtown Portland. There are also lovely views of the city itself and beyond. It’s quite appropriate that Nike and Adidas have headquarters here.

Recommended song for your Shuffle: ‘Living In America’ by James Brown.

Boulder, Colorado

One of the more intense places to run in America, running anywhere in Boulder will increase your lung capacity tenfold, and more so the higher your altitude is. The intensely varying terrain (from mountains to flat lowland) will get you fit and ready for any race – once you get back to sea level you’ll truly notice the difference in your lungs.

Recommended song for your Shuffle: ‘Dare’ by Gorillaz.

Washington, D.C.

The Marine Corps Marathon is one of the largest marathons in the country, and possibly the best 5 mile trail in the country. On this trail you’ll pass the Lincoln Memorial, the Reflecting Pool and the Capitol. There are also awesome trails in Rock Creek Park, which are even more beautiful in the Spring when cherry blossoms begin to bloom.

Recommended song for your Shuffle: ‘Please, Please, Please Let Me Go’ by Slow Moving Millie.