Starsmith 1

For some time now we’ve become accustomed to finding Starsmith lending out his production skills on so many top pop remixes whilst, also seeing the Starsmith name etched associated with some of the industries most notable upcoming acts, of the likes of; Charlix XCX, Ella Eyre and Sasha Keable – quite honestly so much so, we’ve been beginning to wonder if we’d ever hear new material released under his own belt anytime soon.

As one of the industries favoured upcoming producers over recent years, Starsmith returns in 2014 to address his own solo material, with the first track release coming in the form of the soul pop coloured dance number “Be My Love”.

Featuring the lead vocals of former Mark Ronson backing vocalist Tawiah, “Be My Love” plays out with the familiar refrain of Starsmith production shaped into a oscillation of richly reverberating, pounding synth orchestration. A track that could have quite been tailor-made for a vocal suitor in Sam Sparro in the first instance, vocalist Tawiah makes use of the spotlight, projecting a nu-soul cultured performance that purrs of upcoming club diva perfection, as she delivers a lyrical storyline recounting the embroilment of being tangled up within a love shaped triangle.

In every which way, your new go to soul stirring, radiating upbeat anthem.