From the rousing glitter pop fall-out of Laura Palmer, I’ll admit to having been quite struck down in indie pop fondess for Bastille.

The band primarily fronted by Dan Smith certainly pull out all the stops on championing a quality performance of some sweeping alternate momentum, that just captures the elements of fuzzy synths and sinewy robust vocals to cut into the right places on the left-of-field side of my brain.

Forsooth! Two sell-out tours and a legion of rad fans behind them, Bastille are almost ready to unleash the debut album “Bad Blood” (coming March 4th)

It is coloured in to be an indie pop patchwork of styles and dynamics, as Dan Smith explains from the Press Release: The aim was to –

Approach each song differently, I wanted each to be its own story with its own atmosphere which brings in different sounds and elements of production, incorporating different genres and styles that I love; Hip Hop, Indie, Pop and Folk. Film soundtracks can be broad and varied but tied together by the film itself – and I hope the album will be something like that, but held together by my voice and my songwriting, each song a scene, or part of a bigger picture

In time honoured teaser fashion a polaroid has just arrived in a glimpse of the forthcoming lead single “Pompeii

Pounding drums and infectious pop appeal that is boosted in depth by the presence of the unique layering quoted above and a refrain of some ecclesiastical being that certainly brings out the splendour of pomp.

It maybe only a snippet shy of a minute but I nonetheless, most defintely am pomped up by it.