Lola Blanc 2

We first threw the EQ spotlight on sassy emerging pop starlet Lola Blanc about a year ago and it was clear to us that she’s one clued in señorita who can turn her hand to a spectrum of artistic and creative strands.  Singer/songwriter, actress, model and blogger, Lola has all bases covered and to her credit she’s pretty damn accomplished at everything too.

We have been advised by our blogger pal Erica from Electrocutie, that the time has come for our colourful candy pop girlfriend to unleash her debut offering “Bad Tattoo” which infact, couldn’t be more bouncier if it tried  – FACT!

Bold and lively, showcasing Lola’s saucy personality, “Bad Tattoo” literally bulldozers it’s way through the pop mainstream and wins over attention with it’s über juicy beats and audaciously bright appeal.  Overall, in the wake of it’s thunderously bubbly bassline it makes a massive impression proportionate to the debuts of those considered contemporaries of the budding pop star, like Katy Perry & Carly Rae Jepson, but in “Bad Tattoo” it has that extra hit of fierce chucked in.

In all honesty, I consider “Bad Tattoo” alone, would be enough to establish Lola Blanc on the pop map, but hear this – since it is Lola who has co-penned Britney’s new track “Ooh La La” for the forthcoming “Smurfs 2” movie also.

Lola is obviously very much the girl of the moment and if she brings out more of these effervescently, infectious pop ditties anytime soon, I think we can safely say that Lola is well and truly on the road to being pop star established.