You know I have frickin clue how I got added to Ashlee Simpson’s mailing list, but today I received an email about her new album "Bittersweet World" which told me to check out her new video to "Outta My Head" and you know what – it’s not that bad.  Actually it’s pretty amazing.  I totally love the bit where she’s all Linda Blair "Exorcist" in the end. 

Ashlee is one of those gals that kinda gets seriously overlooked because of all the bad publicity she receives in celebrityville, much like Lindsay Lohan and Kelly Osbourne.  But when you get down to it, what really matters is the quality of music she’s making – and right now, I’d have to say this lead-off single is nothing short of incredible.  It’s so EQ – pop, electro and retro all rolled into one perfect song.  I love it.

There’s a free download of her album megamix here if you join Ashlee’s mailing list.  While your contemplating that, you might just want to check out the vid-e-o.  You know I wouldn’t have posted it unless I thought you would like it.  Enjoy.