Photos by Lubert Daz.

It was Antigone's swan song as she bid farewell to London at her album launch for "AntigoneLand" last night at Boogaloo Stu's Soho swoiree, the legendary Shinky Shonky.

Sporting (in true Antigone style) a bird's nest in her hair and Justin Shave on the keytar, our fair lady of electronica delivered her final London set (for now) which consisted of most of the album tracks including the synthtastic "Uberwoman" and the touching "Life Without You" – tracks which I have never got to see her perform live before!  Joking in-between songs, Antigone also gave out many copies of her new album to the the packed out house in exchange for word of mouth advertising.  My favorite quip of the night was …

"Would you like a copy of the album darling?  Tell all your friends about it…and not peer-to-peer!  A girl's gotta eat" – Fabulous.

For me the night was a tad emotional.  Out of any female artist out there at the moment, Antigone just checks all the boxes for me.  I've come to know her as a friend, confidant and top-notch performer over the last two years and I'll never forget the day that AntigoneLand came blazing into my world.  It's one of my favourite albums of all time, by one of the truest most relevant artists of today.

Tigsshave Antigone is re-locating home to Sydney now (for awhile – as she says), no doubt spreading the joys of "AntigoneLand" all over Australia.  I say with an open heart that I will miss her dearly.  Call me her biggest fan, call me a total nutter for everything she does, but don't call her album average, please.  "AntigoneLand" is released world-wide on April 20th on digital format from yoctopus and it truly is one of those undiscovered gems that you won't forget in your vast musicsphere.  I've been listening to it for almost a year and a half now and it never gets old or sounds dated.  The music is ahead of it's time – rich, passionate and truly a leading example of what any powerful female electronic musician should be producing right now.    

Antigone is and will always be – EQ's Uberwoman.   

Look out for more album video vignettes coming soon on EQ.