The Philadelphia pop project of John SH! Williams has been slapping tuneage up on his Soundcloud for the past two years, but I think he’s kind of struck the golden chords with his latest zingy composition “All Of The Lights”.

As The Komposer, he may visually appear to have his Timberlake swagger on, but he doesn’t fully jump on the Justin bandwagon.  For one thing, the jaunty pop giver possesses a folk – soul acoustic kindred quality on this track that quite draws me into the same quarters of the pop sphere as the perky playful popsters Autoheart.

Not to completely step on the same stage as Autoheart though, The Komposer fills in the toplines of “All The Lights” with juicy dance melodies, that are both booty bumping gentle clubbing fodder and hand clapping anthem waving in equal measure.

All in, a pleasurable moment or three of radiantly pop fuelled zesty creation to listen too.