Disappointed by the new MIA album like me? Well I've got the best substitution for you.  One of my long-time EQ discoveries Ze! has finally released her long-awaited new album "I Am Glam" quietly and under the radar and I can confidently say that it's one of electro-pop's finest collection of tracks this year.  "Eclectic and refreshing" would be an understatement when describing the diverse electronic palette of this album.  "I Am Glam" is a four-year triumph which has seen Ze! grow from an indie DIY darling into a poised and uber cool electro-glam ambassador.  It sees her rubbing musical elbows with the likes of Peaches and Shirley Manson, increasing her cool factor by ten at least. 

Key tracks "Boys I Like" and "Candy" are bangin to the extreme while tracks "Haircut" tell the cutest story about Ze! waking up and deciding she looks like crap and needs a little snip snip action – it's whimsical and delightful when expressed via pop song.  What I really like about this album above all else, is that it doesn't borrow too many 80s and 90s influences which seem to be the norm when making electronic pop these days.  It's fresh and original and I applaud Ze! for sticking it out over the last four years and making such an enjoyable, honest album packed with glam, punk and post-modern funk. 

Christina Aguilera should induct Ze! in her almighty pack of "My Girls".

"I Am Glam" is out now on iTunes.