Mel Jade

Independent pop chic Mel Jade couldn’t have asked for a better lift-off on her music career than when the worlds best grandmaster DJ, Armin Van Buuren rocketed sales of her debut effort “Aliens” by slipping it into a segment of his radio show – broadcast in Holland.

From then onwards it’s been pretty much the norm for Aussie sheila Mel Jade to be seen racking up the hits online, in some instances virally.

Beneath Mel’s candy girl exterior, lies an artist with an ultimate passion for all things music, open to embrace a crisscross of genres and wily enough to implement them into the fabric of her vivaciously variegated debut pop project “Alive”.

Mel Jade’s eclectically bound underground pop outlook marries up dance floor ready electro pop romps in the form of the juicy buzz vibrant “Electric”, “Fascinated”, and “Trash And Treasure”, further mingling her prowess alongside with powering electronic rock chic aspects that manifest via the impressively crafted “One Two”, “Monday” and “You”.

Whilst Mel presents the vivid character of pop enthusiastically well, she’s also adept at reining in the party girl antics and in complement showcases her softer side with significantly sweeping exotic ballad “I Promise” and the dewy “We Can Make A Movie”.

Furthermore, Mel’s not adverse to a quirky moment also, serendipitously slipping in a curve-balling hip-pop number “Hypnotic”, that’s coloured-up in talk-rap swagger.

Alive” stays true to the preface of ideology behind it, as quoted by Mel Jade in a press release; “the songs are all about taking chances, pushing boundaries and doing exactly what you want to do, so that’s what I’m doing.”

However, what remains key factor here is, Mel Jade achieves a competent compendium of tracks totally of her own direction as an all embraced independent artist in all senses of the word.

To step-off the mark with a good accomplished boundary pushing effort as Mel Jade’s debut album release, is for the most part quite indicative of some considerable knowledge of musicianship that has gone in to make “Alive” work as an engaging, self assured and skilfully multifaceted music fusion project, that most pop newcomers could only strive to execute from the offset. Mel Jade defies the odds and achieves her own brand of pop.

Catch further insight through the “Alive” album preview

and refresh your pop memory with a spin of Mel Jade’s already critically acclaimed tracks “Electric” and “We Can Make A Movie”.