Adam Davis -The Magician_packshot 1

Meet a newcomer with a big pop sound. Adam Davis has youth on his side and an abundance of talent to go with.

The Brighton based singer/songwriter has caused quite a stir on his local music scene for a few years now and he’s still only 17 years young at present.

In truth, it’s quite an interesting story to recount of how the music career all began actually, a scenario of opportunity knocks when Adam was an 11 year old lad, he became intrigued and inspired by a busker with a piano on Brighton seafront, as a player himself, he spoke up and got himself taking over the set. From then onwards, having got a taste for it, Adam was busking regularly on his own, which in turn has scored the attention of industry names who have lent their skills to raising the profile of the emerging talent.

A successful crowd funding campaign, GCSE’s, A Levels and working with Celine Dion producer Christophe Battaglia has now together spawned the forthcoming release of Adam’s self titled debut album.

Having had an advance promo of Adam’s debut I can relay to you that it is everything quite amazing, flushed with solid pop tracks whilst also presenting Adam’s versatility as a singer / songwriter.

The self-penned album highlights jaunty uber pop numbers “Work The Weather”, and “The Magician” both bringing together the fundamental elements of piano alongside a pop rock groove.

Whilst a fair flourish of the remainder of album tracks “Laugh With You”, “Clocks”, “Mask”, “Take Over” and “Push Me Too Far” gather upon a urban pop momentum characterised with infectiously tuneworthy, intelligent melodies that build a picture of beckoning pop stardom.

In particular the sun soaked buoyantly bouncy anthem “Sunrise” has the ingredients perfected to be an instant crowd pleaser, with its perky pop nature and soaringly bright vocals.

A debut of astute pop dynamics also covering impressively delivered acoustic ballads in “Fighters” and “Sharks” both fully engaging of the self assured presence that the former busking occupation has enriched and nurtured Adam’s musically savvy awareness and capabilities.

Within today’s pop legacy generation, in truth, I’m not so certain as to where to pinpoint kindred comparisons in similarity, since Adam comes over as a bespoke, multi-facetted musician who is very much carving his own niche and independently steering the pop dynamics. Infact, pondering on it, I’d maybe flip back a few decades to the piano vibe and sheer raw talent in colouring-in Adam Davis as a new age Elton John or Billy Joel, as everything in foundation of greatness is displayed here on the debut album. Adam deserves a fruitful pop career; with this stunning debut it has every chance to become reality too.

Go to Adam’s website for an enhanced experience of selected streaming snippets & jump below to pre-order the album now

and immerse yourself into the current energetic pop single release “The Magician”, it exudes musicianship, proficiency and it’s simply an unabashed big pop thrilling triumph.