by Raj Rudolph / Photo by Dalton Flint

Perhaps electronic pop's biggest cocktease, Mike Furey has just announced the next stage of Dangerous Muse's ongoing evoloution with a new EP (as yet unnamed) produced by David Siskovic (Justin Timberlake) and Bloodshy & Avant (Britney Spears).

For years, electronic pop fans have been paitiently waiting Dangerous Muse to take off and put out their first album after their first viral hit with "The Rejection" and after a series of false starts, record label dramas and broken promises, it seems a strangely solo Mike Furey is not about to let the Dangerous Muse candle burn out.

No promises here and by all means I'm not holding my breath, but below are two brand new tracks by Dangerous Muse called "Mr. Strangelove" and "Homewrecker" which are pretty good (not great). Let's just hope that Furey's got something even more spectacular hidden in his Calvin's in way of pure pop audio euphoria, because man, after all these years of longing for a real Dangerous Muse album, I still WANT IT ALL.