Last week I got invited to a private chapel in Soho to sit down with Hurts and listen to some of their new tracks from their ironically-titled and highly-anticipated album "Happiness" and it was such a special experience and definitely one of the most interesting interviews I've done in a long time.  Picture this – you're sitting down in a slightly eerie chapel with the two lovely chaps above who were dressed exactly as they are above – Theo with his slicked back hair, earring and everything – listening to tracks with one of pop's most major buzz acts of 2010.  It honestly felt like a mega privilege to get to sit down with Hurts in this capacity.

Not much has been given away about Hurts so far – and that is highly intentional.  The shroud of mystery envelops them and they both absolutely have it no other way.  It's the ultimate case of letting the fans decipher your art and Hurts have made it a personal challenge to to not give away too much thus far.  

In this EQ audio interview with Hurts, we chat about their new video "Better Than Love", we talk about how they arrived at the title "Happiness" for their debut album, how they met (it was outside a bar fight) we talk about the comparisons to Monarchy and explore why male pop duos are far cooler than boy-bands.  I hope you enjoy this chat – I really did and I am quite excited to share the experience with all of you…just press play.

After the interview, I felt like I wanted to just listen to their music on repeat for days.  Rest assured "Happiness" will be out later this year and until then, we can all just watch "Better Than Love" on repeat and if you don't own the single yet, you can get it on UK iTunes of course…