It’s been awhile since we heard from Blake Lewis. In fact, it was in 2009 that he mesmerized us with his pop opus “Heartbreak On Vinyl” which now that we think about it, damn, what a mighty fine record that was!

Well it’s 2013 and aside from taking his time with his new sound, Blake Lewis has been working hard on his new trim and lean image and well, we like! And as far as the music goes? Well listen to “Your Touch” and you tell that Blake has been taking notes from his dance music buddies and bros and has injected some good ol dubstep and crazy breakdowns in his tantalising tunage to give his new sound a modern feel that elevates.

The verdict. I loved it from the first listen and can’t wait to experience more of Blake Lewis’ re-invention this year.

“Your Touch” is expected to drop on iTunes March 4th.