Aww, is the sound we generally make in joyous response upon hearing a new masterpiece of Bright Light Bright Light productions.

Rod’s consummate approach and elegantly exquisite alluring compositions, we’ve found to be the perfect soundtrack and gift for all occasions and Rod sure likes to mark the calendar with some stylish presents that money cant buy, but an exchange of an email can.

Whether you’re into the hearts and flowers of Valentines Day or not, as Bright Light Bright Light, Rod brings a little something really special and touching, universally speaking and beautiful to cosy down with in sharing a magic moment with your lurve interest or equally just to embrace and enjoy the timeless beauty of his masterful pop making, at anytime.

Turning the Bright Lights, Bright Lights down to softly lights, softly lights, Rod takes on Billy Ray Martin’sYour Loving Arms” resplendent in eloquently poignant harmonies and suitably sublime piano accompaniment it cannot fail in anything but melting hearts in an Elton JohnYour Song” amazingly romantic kind of way.

Rod, his piano and voice make for a heart-warming and tenderly toned ballad of Valentines Day choice.

Gift this FREE DOWNLOAD via this link to your amour and they’ll be straight down to your local High Street Chocolatier to have a cutesy message iced an a choccy heart, love token before your know it!