Perhaps we aren’t the biggest Tori Amos fan, but we do like her a fair bit.  When reading this interview quote today in Boyz magazine…we nearly chocked on our candy Skittles.

Tori on Bad Interviewers: "We didn’t get along.  You could tell he had issues with successful women.  This guy was a phoner and he heard that I had a cleaner and said, ‘How can you, a liberated woman, have a cleaner?’ and I replied, ‘How much do you make a week, sunshine?’ and he asked, ‘Why?’  I replied, ‘Because I am telling you right now, my cleaner makes three times the amount you make, and you would be so damn lucky to be my cleaner, Go fuck yourself.’  Then I just put the phone down."

Tori – you just went up a few notches in our book and we are diggin up our copy of ‘Tales Of A Librarian’ out of the archives for another whirl.  Flawless. 

If anyone wants to put together a list of essential Tori Amos songs so we can make a fucking cool playlist…we’ll treat you to a bag of Skittles and maybe some other fabulous treat.