Nelson Clemente’s ‘You Me Us We’ is probably our favourite electropop song to be released this year and quite simply put, we can’t stop listening to it.  It’s just one of those songs that we can’t stop jabbering on about.  When people ask us ‘EQ, What’s hot now?’  We simply spout, Nelson Clemente. 

On top of giving us a little piece of electropop heaven in ‘You Me Us We’, Nelson also just happens to be a totally down-to-earth-guy.  We caught up with him recently to talk about his current EQ Number 1 single in hopes to find out just how this song evolved and what makes it so special.

Electroqueer: So Nelson, tell us a little bit about how you came to create ‘You Me Us We’.

Nelson: The song was originally a piano instrumental written by a composer James Tauber about a decade ago.   In 2002 I was introduced to him as a songwriter and singer.  He presented the song to me as a precious piano ballad but didn’t tell me its history so as not to influence my input.  At the time I was cut up about a relationship that needed to end.  We found a connection, a spark, but circumstances beyond our control prevented us from being together.  To me, the loss felt like a death.  Although we couldn’t be together we knew that we were thinking about each other from a distance.  So lyrically and melodically this is where it all started.  When I sang it to James for the first time it brought tears to his eyes.  He asked me to sing it several times and I eventually had to ask him why it touched him so much.  He couldn’t believe how I had brought this musical piece to life so perfectly.  His original inspiration was based on him missing a loved one.  We then realised we had created a gem!

EQ: We’ve also heard there is an additonal story embedded in the song too…tell us about that.

Nelson: Well, later on, I heard the story of someone who had committed suicide at a young age.  Although I had never met her, I was close to many of her friends.  The story touched me and once again ‘You Me Us We’ evolved lyrically.  I decided to perform it once during a gathering of her memory and I swear there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.  Throughout the years I’ve performed the original piano ballad on local TV and on stage and people have come to me afterwards to tell me their stories.  It has been a blessing because in a way it brought them comfort during my performance and a new perspective on their loss.

EQ: So what made you decide to turn the original ballad version into an electropop song?

Nelson:  It actually made sense because I had found a new connection with the song through recent events.  I decided to approach James to see if he was interested in helping me take this song to yet another level.  We both knew it was delicate, and although the piano version would always exist, we didn’t want to create something that stripped it from its core.  Everyone knew it needed a "bigger room".  That was late last year.  So we were working on this epic dance/electro track; an anthem to eternal love.  We added a whole heap of star dust and movement.  A lot of our inspiration for the sound is obviously from an 80s synth background.  When I approached Darren Hayes about the song, he said it reminded him of Daft Punk!

So there you have it EQs…the story behind this weeks EQ Number 1 single!  Special thanks to Nelson Clemente for answering our questions.

Nelson’s EP ‘6th Perception’ is out now and you can purchase it along with ‘You Me Us We’  over at his official website today.  You can even download a sample of the original ballad version here – Nelson has digged it up from his treasure chest, just for EQ readers!