Tesla Boy have finally released their first taster EP simply called "The Tesla Boy EP" on iTunes and it's a brilliant dive into the world of 80's electronica and nu-romanticism.  I'm totally living in electric dreams with this one.  Tesla Boy are perhaps one of my favourite new debut bands this year – no doubt.  Hailing from Russia, the trio were meant to come to the UK this summer for some shows, but alas that did not happen and I am demanding they book some time in 2010, if not earlier, to come and showcase their new tunes. 

You may remember that Tesla Boy were an EQ Discovery back in in May and I can seriously say, the wait has been worth it for this EP.  And the record labels are already all over these guys, so make sure you get them on your radar – they probably will get signed, this I am sure of.

If you download one thing today, make sure it's "The Tesla Boy EP" on Tesla Boy - The Tesla Boy - EP.

You won't be disappointed.