Bossy Love

Dang! Bossy Love AKA Operator Please’s Amandah Wilkinson has got creative in the studio and found herself laying down an interpretation of New Kids On The Block’s “You Got It (The Right Stuff).

The Australian native exuberantly launches into the “Kids” classic cut of 80’s pop, ringing the changes with a stuttering intro that falls into smouldering husky tones, leading a dreamy urban jam into street sister Bossy Love’s hip hop calling card of fast paced rapping.

You could say that Bossy Love has effectively done the job of imprinting her quirky nature into the fabric of the 80’s pop masterpiece with essence of the original retained in sleek and glowing inspiration.

Purely for archive purposes here is a reminder of the original, and it struck me whilst I was drooling over Jordan Knight, I think PSY looked to NKOTB for some of his “Gangnam Style” moves…proof is in the leg swinging at 1.17 o’clock.

As you were EQ’s, observations are now over.