Yonee is one of our more recent new pop discoveries. What really stood out to us about the music, is that it is nothing short of being refreshingly uplifting and lyrically engaged whilst, being spliced with refreshing dance beats. Yonee’s two single’s “Bombs Of My Love” and “Paradise” bring to light a sound grasp of musicality. Not only is Yonee masterful in this area, his manner of pop sensibility is massively captivating too – this much we saw first hand for ourselves, on EQ Music Live in February.

Aside from introducing us to songs from his upcoming “4 Corners” EP, Yonee dropped in a medley of pop songs, perhaps compiled of some of the artists he’s influenced from. It included Yonee reimagining a neat rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You”, which I have to tell was extremely good and really perked up my ears.

It’s safe to say after the shining performance Yonee gave, all pointers from it leave us at the resounding opinion there are great things ahead, for the emerging pop newcomer.

We wanted to find out a bit more insight regarding the singles and how he felt about performing for the first time in London. So we took Yonee aside backstage for a little chat and he filled us in with what we wanted to know.