Little Nikki

Since the dissolving of urban pop trio SoundGirl, we have witnessed the former bands lead singer Little Nikki teeter on the edge of pop stardom over the past couple of years with her name also being cited by tastemakers within their forecasts of new artist talents to make it big throughout the year.

Previous releases of “Intro Intro”, “Where I’m Coming From”, “DILLIGAF”, and “Little Nikki Says” have each served as steps towards couturing a sound that is off the boundaries edgy with a sassfull overload of sprightly dynamic character.

Whilst there is no denying that the brand of Little Nikki harbours a knowing savviness of urban pop credibility, at times the all thrown into the pot nature of the earliest buzz tracks especially, came over as trying a little too hard and a touch too genre multifaceted in their approach overall to establish a decisive direction that contains all of the ingenious creative flair in a symmetry of manageable and easily listenable. In essence too many ideas flying around the coup, has resulted in a fussy outcome mostly to date, in my opinion.

Having had a remix sent over with regard to Little Nikki’s forthcoming release “Yo Yo”, my former opinion looks to being over thrown by its overall powerhouse magnetic allure.

The beats behind “Yo Yo” have been plumped up in edm energy by the DJ, remix production force of Westfunk and to be honest it’s tipping the tables from wall to wall in club friendly massiveness.

How can I commit that stripped of the extra lavishings of remix shizz that “Yo Yo” comes through as probably Little Nikki’s best work to date? I hear you think/say! A sneaky peek, preview of the track comes via urban clothing chain’s winter advertising campaign and I consider it’s sounding foxy and foxing those who have happened to have heard it into thinking it’s by uber urban pop princess Rihanna.