Camille Corazon

Feeling indifferent to Lana Del Rey’s “West Coast”? Feeling indifferent to Lana Del Rey – full stop? Yes I know, that we’d classify Lana as the Queen of haunting broodiness as she does bring it time and time again although, she’s not hugely one to make an impression with myself.

That’s not to say that I don’t respond in positivity to other’s that establish a similar tonality through their music though, as I am especially placed, all ears in blissfull broody melancholy at the drop of “XXVII” from American pop artist Camille Corazón.

Having spent the past couple of years playing left of field within the alternatively nurtured underground pop pack, Camille unleashes the debut single of “XXVII” in honoured memory of those tortured pop personages, like Kurt and Amy that have untimely entered the “27 club”.

XXVII” maybe downtempo in presentation, yet it does have a lot going for it, namely an underbelly of softly electronic sonic pattering, supported with Camille’s viscerally deep outreaching ruminative vocals.

Simmering with a beguiling and alluring seductiveness, “XXVII” is one to drop on and luxuriate in it’s wistfully lamenting soundscape.