For the sixth official single off her Billboard-charting debut album, Till Death Do Us Party, RuPaul’s Drag Race season six runner-up Adore Delano premieres the highly anticipated gritty music video in support of “My Address is Hollywood“, her personal power ballad to the city of angels.

The electronic/pop ode to Los Angeles details Delano‘s struggle with her new found fame as a reality star and successful recording artist. “I’m a city angel, but it doesn’t pay well, baby that’s okay,” she sings on the hook of the mid-tempo synth-pop ballad. The three-minute track opens with a soft piano lead before Delano lets her vocals shine on the infectious chorus.

The newly released visual for “My Address is Hollywood” is a darker, honest look underneath the shiny surface of the cinematic version of the city. Growing up in a suburb outside of Los Angeles, Delano always appreciated the beauty and fast pace of the California city. However, following the end of her reality television show run, she has experienced its tougher, gritty side.

“It’s been a struggle,” she says. “Hollywood is built on delusion. Everyone thinks they’re more important than they are. Nothing is real.”

Featuring iconic locations in Los Angeles, including the Roosevelt Hotel and TCL Chinese Theater, even RuPaul’s pop up shop makes an appearance, Delano is shown in her trademark leopard print, red hair and torn fishnets as she dreams of the big life while walking down the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“I wanted to express the hustle of Hollywood,” the artist explains. “Because that’s what we’re all doing: selling ourselves.”

Following its predecessors, “DTF”, “I Adore U,” “Party”, “Hello, I Love You” and “I Look Fuckin’ Cool”, the new music video for “My Address is Hollywood” appears to be the first personal story from the artist as she shares a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the not-so-glamourous world of showbiz. With Delano‘s new visual, she continues to prove why her debut album became the highest charting effort from a Drag Race contestant, on the way to a deserved pop takeover.