Currently still undergoing final post production editing, all the signs are suggesting that the latest Wonder Woman movie is set to be one of this summer's biggest blockbusters. No expense or effort has been spared during the writing and filming process of the Patty Jenkins directed flick. Remarkably the project was first muted all the way back in 2005, so after an impressive dozen years of on/off production and it'll likely be a relief for all concerned when the fourth and latest DC Comics extravaganza finally hits 2D, 3D and IMAX screens worldwide. Details of the exact plot line are still a closely guarded secret, but we're happy to share what has been made public knowledge so far!

Plot Synopsis

The Wonder Woman movie takes place at an unspecified year during the Great War (1914-1918) where our protagonist learns of the conflict from a shot down US airman who washes up on her home island, Themyscira. Distraught at this news she decides to set out and help bring the conflict to an end. Other than this details on the plot are currently very few, but we can tell from the filming locations (primarily London, France and Southern Italy) that the story will be based around the Western Front. Plenty of iconic locations have been used too, including Trafalgar Square and The Louvre Museum.

Major Themes

The good news is that Wonder Woman isn't the kinda girl who will just kick back and play exciting new online casino games at Vegas Palms when the world needs her help! In true superhero fashion she's a master of martial arts, possessing extraordinary fighting process and unwavering dedication to her cause. So it's fair to say that we'll be expecting the blazing amounts of action sequences that are expected from any DC Comics movie.

Given that the budget is speculated to have reached as far as $120m there's a great deal of faith being placed in this movie to be a bona fide blockbuster. Fortunately superhero movies have a proven track record of racking in the profits, and unless something goes terribly wrong it's pretty safe to predict that this movie will perform very well indeed.

Who Are The Stars?

Wonder Woman is played by Israeli actress Gal Gadot who is no stranger to making an impact in previous big budget adventures. She had been lined up to play a role in Man Of Steel but declined for personal reasons freeing her up to focus completely upon bringing Wonder Woman to life. Despite the secrecy that surrounds the project she is said to have bulked up by an impressive 17 pounds in muscle weight for the role, and her previous experience as a close combat trainer in the Israeli armed forces will no doubt add a fair amount of authenticity to the action!

Chris Pine plays the role of Steve Taylor the downed and disillusioned US pilot who appeals for Wonder Woman's help. Pine has become a seriously A-list actor in recent years and is renowned for his ability to carry the toughest action roles, but expect a degree of emotional intelligence in this performance as well as guns blazing thrills. It's worth noting that both Pine and Gadot have agreed multi-movie appearances so expect this feature to be the start of a regular series of releases.

Other headline performances are offered by Connie Nielson playing the Wonder Woman's (Diana) mother, as well as David Thewlis taking on the role of the treacherous God Ares.

So Should We Be Excited?

Oh yes! Much as we get most of our thrills enjoying the action at Vegas Palms Online Casino, even the most committed gamer needs to take a break once in a while! So much effort has been invested into making this movie and with two especially charismatic and committed actors headlining – this is most certainly going to be one of the action movies of the year. Release is expected to be on 2nd June this summer.