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You know, American Idol has been a REAL snoozefest for me this year. There isn't one singer on there this year that I'm slightly interested in – perhaps Adam Lambert just set the bar way too high for these reality talent shows.  All of AI Season 9 is just a bit of average for me personally this year – there is no X Factor for sure…but I'm sure Simon Cowell will be taking care of that real soon…

In watching the first part of the AI finale last night in the UK, there was however one clear winner of American Idol 9 – and that was Will Young when he performed his OLD smash hit "Leave Right Now" which I think could just be the magic key that unlocked the door for him in the American music market. Will Young was just amazing – truly a star and I hope that Americans will embrace him with open arms. He deserves to be taken to the next level.

My American readers – if you liked what you heard last night – the timing is right because you can get Will Young's debut American album "Leave Right Now" on iTunes on the button below.  Please support this incredible musican and get downloading!

Will Young - Leave Right Now