Are you loving “Echoes” by Will Young as much as we are? 

Yes, I thought so. 

Just today, Will Young has put up a new set of video interviews where he talks about the meaning of each track on the stellar new album and it’s a wonderful insight into the creation of each track as well as that special place inside his heart and mind where every track was born from. 

It’s great viewing for any fan of Will Young – I highly suggest you check it out.  Echoes is available too right now on iTunes UK, so do yourself a favour and download it.  If you’re a fan of melodical electronic pop with a large helping of melancholy ala Everything But The Girl – you’ll love “Echoes” by Will Young

For a further opinion into the album, make sure you check out Marc Ridley’s EQ review of the album as well.

Echoes - Will Young