Whilst everyone is going crazy with the announcement of Robbie Williams new material, let us not forget about another one of the UK's national treasures…

The original Pop Idol, Will Young has just announced his new greatest hits package cleverly titled "The Hits" which will consist of twelve of his most well-known songs (and two bonus tracks) since winning becoming the very first winner of the UK's Pop Idol in 2002 which spawned many other reality based TV talent shows including Amercian Idol and X-Factor.

I've always loved Will Young.  He's another artist that is more about consistency than hype.  He's never pandered to having a chart busting number one, but has rather opted to put out soulful and beautiful melodies which touch the heart.  I've never gotten around to seeing him live and someday I will, but for now, you can bet that I'll be buying this package for my CD collection.  "Leave Right Now" and "All Time Love" are some of the greatest songs ever written in my opinion.

Full tracklisting after the jump.  "The Hits" is released on November 16th. 

1. Evergreen
2. Light My Fire 
3. You and I
4. Leave Right Now
5. Your Game
6. Friday's Child
7. Switch It On
8. All Time Love
9. Who Am I
10. Changes
11. Grace
12. Let It Go 
13. Bonus Track 1
14. Bonus Track 2