Adrian Lux

You know, Adrian Lux is quite the mover and shaker, metaphorically speaking and in the production sense of course. On the latest insight from forthcoming sophomore full length album, he’s carefully introduced acoustic guitar riffs into the progressive house presentation of “Wild Child”. Interestingly, this sweeping riff line of guitar appears to pick over Jomanda’sDon’t You Want My Love” or Felix’sDon’t You Want Me” – whichever one you care to remember, but in my case the nod of influence goes to Felix being my favourite early 90’s club anthem. I’m not sure if this was an intentional move by Adrian Lux to retain the house mood in an altogether different showing but it works a treat as the opening passage and moreover the undertones of this track.

Paired up with fellow Swedes, DJ Marcus Schossow and Stockholm dream pop duo JJ, the trio present “Wild Child” in a blissed out fashion. The spiralling guitar riffs intersperse and give way to flourishes of scintillating threads of shimmery pattering synths, providing superb inventive difference within the dance genre.

Who said a club banger had to be all bang! Adrian Lux clears knows it doesn’t have to be the case.