By now, you all now how shit we think Amy Winehouse is. We at Electroqueer had to make a special reminder post today because we actually caught ourselves humming the tune to ‘Rehab’ on the tube and then we realised we were still hungover from too many gin & tonics from the Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake afterparty the other night – how queer…we know.

Anywho – above is the infamous ‘Beat It’ performance that Amy did with Charlotte Church a few weeks ago on telly. We have to give a special thumbs up to Charlotte Church for having to put up with sharing the stage with such talentless bitch. Can you believe this cooch has a record contract?

Reasons why we hate Amy Winehouse…

  • Amy was nominated for Best New Artist last year at the Brits – was the nomination committee high? The hilarious thing was that Amy geniunely looked upset when she lost to Lemar.
  • Amy doesn’t like Nelly Furtado’s new album.
  • Amy was the opening artist last year at Sylvia Powell’s gig at the Cobden Club. This was the first time we were exposed to Amy and we have never ever wanted to throw peanuts at an artist on stage except after we saw HER performance.
  • Amy is aneorexic and we want to puke everytime we see her album cover – see below.