I’m quite impressed that Florrie is giving away her “Introduction” EP for free.  She’s told fans on her blog recently why she turned down early record deals and the reasoning why she’s doing things her way in the beginning stages of her music career.  In today’s shitty economy, I applaud her for having a bit of a conscious and giving her fans something to sink their teeth into before going down the major label route and pushing a product onto the market immediately.  I think it instills a sense of loyalty before deciding if you like their product or not – more pop stars should be doing what Florrie is doing.  Simply putting a record on the market these days is not enough – brand loyalty and consumer rewards are the only way to ensure success these days in the music industry if you ask me – but what do I know?

Kudos to Florrie’s “free sample” – it serves her campaign well and I look forward to being a future customer of her wicked tunes.  If you haven’t seen her video to “Give Me Your Love” yet, you should check it out right now and the links to download “Introduction” are on EQ Trax and Florrie’s blog.