by Raj Rudolph

So as you may or may not know, EQ Music is now managing electronic-pop band Parralox and we couldn’t be any more excited and proud to be representing and helping to shaping the future for such fine talent.

We thought it would be great share with you a new video we made called “Who Is Parralox?” that chronicles the band’s work since 2009. It’s a great way to catch up with them if you are just now discovering for them for the first time.

On November 26th, we’ll be celebrating the launch of their brand new single “Sharper Than A Knife” in which we’ll also unveil the official music video at a special online event that you’ll be invited to – cool huh! And for those of you who can’t wait (you are some impatient EQs) we have a little taster alternative video up now too which you can view right after the jump.

But if you’re just discovering how brilliant Parralox are right now, please watch our “Who Is Parralox?” video. You’ll find were not the only blog who think the band are something quite special.

Sharper Than a Knife (Remixes) - EP - Parralox