Delightful synth pop visionaries Paper Crows impart their first new track of 2013 fulfilling their familiarly consummate repertoire of pop alchemy, with what we’ve come to know here at EQ as their usual aesthetical flair of erudite elegance on a breathtaking brand-new opus titled “White Noise”.

Following in the footsteps of most recent releases of the “Build” and “Grey SkiesEP’s, Emma and Duncan commit the dark and light variants of heart-stopping hauntingly empyrean vocals from Emma anchored to Duncan’s pop noir styled back ground harmonies.

Duncan further cements his impressive compositional skills setting against the majestic vocal leads of “White Noise”, first by introducing a twinkling shower of  angelically glistening chimes that lead on, building into a soaring structure combined of electronic and orchestral elements.

White Noise” sees the Paper Crows return with their absolute best.  It’s exquisite; impressively panoramically melodramatic and meticulously refined in the way that only the Paper Crows can assuredly deliver and furthermore up their game upon, time after time.

To celebrate their first pop outing of 2013, Paper Crows invite you to go clicky, clicky on the Soundcloud below and snap up this supreme synth effort as FREE DOWNLOAD.