Rising buzz pop star Stevie Hoang got to meet his new tour mates JLS recently at The Brits Launch show and was thrilled to offer some commentary regarding his upcoming tour with the unstoppable pop hitmakers…

"I met the JLS guys at the Brits launch and they were so friendly – I can't wait to go on tour with them. They definitely deserved all their Brits nominations and I'll keep my fingers crossed for them to win. I've got a lot on at the moment rehearsing for tour, just shot the video for my single "No Coming Back", it's out on March 8th, so I'm gonna be really busy for the next few months!"

As as pre-cursor to the tour, Stevie is giving away a FREE Download of his sparkly R&B song "Before You Go" in exchange for your email address – go grab that right here, right now.

However, it's his track "No Coming Back" that you should have on your radar – I think it's a great slice of radio-friendly pop that you'll all be humming away to pretty soon when it takes over radio…go listen to that here and let the hysteria commence.