In fact, I think Rob Diament of Temposhark should make an official music blog himself as he really does have a stellar sense of what is truly amazing on the pop music scene these days.


In today’s "Rob-blog" on MySpace, Rob not only gave us some insight in to the recent US Temposhark shows, but he also posted a very rare music video to "It’s Better To Have Loved" for all of us to admire. 

Rob had this to say about the video:

"Some of you have been asking about the video I made in 2005 with the wonderful artist Justine Pearsall. Well Justine has managed to kindly upload it onto YouTube for you to see. The video was made for the single version of "It’s Better To Have Loved" which is the Guy Sigsworth Mix. It’s slightly different to the final album version but every bit as beautiful".

Let’s take a lookski then…

Gorgeous. Thanks Rob.