So last night I watched the MTV EMA Awards live from Madrid and as an American living in London who loves pop music from all over the world, I found the whole thing, well, rather American.

With the main show consisting of the live performances by the likes of Miley Cyrus, Bon Jovi, Jackass cast, Jersey Shore cast, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Rihanna and Kid Rock with most of the main categories highlighting nominations from Eminem, Lady Gaga, Usher, Kanye West, The Gossip, Paramore, Snoop Dog, 30 Seconds To Mars and Green Day – the show might as well have been another American Music Awards or VMAs for that fact.  Shoot – the show was even digitally hosted by Justin Beiber…because he's so European…

Now mind you, there was some Spanish artists thrown in for good measure in the way of host Eva Longoria, Enrique Iglesias and Shakira, but I have to ask the question – where were the Europeans?  What they don't televise is all the amazing regional acts that won prior to the main show and I think it's a real shame for MTV.  They are given the opportunity to showcase some of the best European acts on a global platform, to really show the world what European music is all about, yet they choose to only give the spotlight to the American superstars and I think that's wrong – don't the American superstars already have enough thunder? 

What about all the amazing European acts that were nominated and won as well like Marina and The Diamonds, Hurts, Ellie Goulding, Tinie Tempah, Alphabeat, Medina, Burhan G, Casio Kids, Karpe Diem, Lazee, Robyn, Miike Snow, Swedish House Mafia, Caro Emerald, David Guetta, Pony Pony Run Run, Dima Bilan, Inna, Gramophonedzie, Sakis Rouvas, Tokio Hotel and Ivri Lider I ask?  I would have loved to see even just a few of those acts on the live show – those great European acts that deserve global recognition and subsequent exposure and success.  Instead, they all get to compete for the ONE Best European Act on the main show – that's really pitiful.

I got a great tweet from @leftdance in Argentina this morning saying this: "I remember when the EMAs used to see performances by Bjork, George Michael and Faithless…" and I would have to agree with that statement totally.  The MTV EMAs have totally lost their credibility in my opinion.  Shoot, the Eurovision Song Contest is a better representation of European music than the MTV EMAs are – and that's really a shame and a lost opportunity! 

MTV EMAs – you might as well just say this…

"Let's just lock all the European acts in the closet and pay tribute to American music – because that's really the most important music in the world."

For a full run-down on the European regional winners in the EMAs this year, visit this linkI think you'll find a lot of artist names there you may not recognize in the country winners list, but surely they are worth your time discovering – I'm spending this week getting to know a few of them myself.  Sure, it's great to get some American superstars to appear on the show, but when you start making a European Awards show all about American performers, you really ought to re-evaluate what you are doing in the first place.