Hey Electroqueers – Well, it’s been a crazy week here in EQ World!  We’ve been out every night this past week and boyo, it was pop-star jam-packed!  We finally got to meet the Switch22 boys and go to our first Popshow (which we are promising a follow-up feature on…Jean, we promise to mention you babes!), managed to squeeze in a Nelly Furtado show (where we missed Madison at AGAIN) and contributed our gin & tonic money to a worthy cause at Body & Soul partying with the Scissor Sisters and chatting to the likes of Geri Halliwell and that crazy Ashleyne girl from Big Brother!   It was like a pop holiday except for the crappy working part.  So – we wish we can say next week will be as fun and exciting, but it’s not…oh wait…were entering the Big Brother Interactive house tomorrow at 7:30pm UK Time, so make sure you stop by and tune in on MySpace to let us know if you love or hate us!  On with the rants!

  1. Popjustice has a great podcast on Sophie Ellis-Bextor.  Go download it now!  We have a podcast in the works too – but it’s top secret and electric!
  2. A very cool Jacob Golden song is going to be featured in the very last episode of The O.C.!  You go boy!  See now your are going to be so famous you won’t even talk to us anymore!  Remember you promised us a promo CD Jacob Golden...don’t forget the EQ!
  3. Tiffany is releasing a new album, full of her greatest hits, classic 80’s cover versions like ‘Venus’ and ‘Kids In America’ and a new re-recording of ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ that is available to download now over at the fabulous eMusic!
  4. The Electric Dolls have taken over the EQ Electro Chart.  Yay!  Go take a listen to their extremley catchy and fun electro diddy ‘Baps R Bakin’ cuz it’s gonna stick in your head all next week.  We can’t stop singing it.  If we had baps, they’d be bakin too!
  5. Those bois from Digital are sure cute.  Check out their song ‘Get Ya Kit Off’ over at their MySpace page.  If they start to go in the direction of Phixx…they might be our favourite boyband.  Hint. Hint. Hint.
  6. Go and visit www.lovebscott.com now.  It’s like Perez Hilton with much better design and commentary. 
  7. Tracey Thorn’s new single ‘Its All True’ is available in the shops and online via iTunes from Monday.  Go pick up and let’s get Tracey back in the charts!
  8. We were reminded how HOT Quindon Tarver’s cover version of ‘When Doves Cry’ was from the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack this week – trust us and go download it today.
  9. We are totalling digging Zoot Woman’s remake of Craig David’s classic ‘Seven Days’.  Go check it out now on MySpace!
  10. Someone slipped us a leaked club mix of new Shave & Sugar song, ‘Into The Light’ or is it called ‘Step Into The Light’?..we don’t know, but it’s gonna have all you bitches dancing in the clubs this summer…that’s fo sure.

And finallly we leave you with the cheesy, uber sun-tanned electro babes from San Francisco, Pop Starz and their hilariously funny song ‘Internet Ho’.  Visit them now on MySpace and laugh along with us to their crazy mega-gay electro songs.