Well this is quite the turn up for the books actually, as when I first became aware of Sheila McQueen last year, the femme eclectic duo of sisters Genevieve and Jessica Arnold were very much hooked into being experimentally driven with a deliciously quirky outlook.

Time spent studio bound see the duo return with a new sound and tune penned by the production team of former Icelandic singer Gisli Kristjansson and Dominique Woolfe better known to us at EQ as empowering pop vixen Wolfette.

Behold Sheila McQueen veer into the 80’s pop route of glossy disco pop fair, kicking out “What You Need” (If your name’s not down… ) with a notable Pet Shop Boys, Human League vibe and sing-talk characters that cross somewhere between Marina And The Diamonds and the now defunkt Oh My! especially on the chorus.

Wholly interesting, wholly massive and holy moly poptastically approved by me.