This is the question I asked myself yesterday. Kristian Leontiou was one of my favourite singer/songwriters on the rise in 2005 but just like that – he was gone. With a promising debut album called "Some Day Soon" which garnered hits like "Story Of My Life", "Shining" and even a cover of Tracy Chapman classic "Fast Car", I thought that the sky was the limit for this young east Londoner.

As it turns out, Kristian took a little break from the limelight and is now the fronting vocalist for a new group named One eskimO whose first single "Hometime" was released about a year ago. News to me! But nevertheless, "Hometime" is a fresh, chilled out serving of acoustic pop and I’m quite pleased that Mr. Leontiou is still making music. Check out One eskimO’s animated video to "Hometime" below and just for kicks, let’s rewind and take a look at my fave Kristian Leontiou song, "Shining".

One eskimO – "Hometime"

Kristian Leontiou – "Shining"