Aside from having a torid affair with a bottle of blond ambition, Sam Sparro has been quite busy lending his vocals and remix magic to help out a few of his friends in the biz.  Check out this hot little number by Beni which features Sam on vocals in this groover of a track called “Maximus”

And if that wasn’t enough of you, the music video to Sam’s collaboration with Basement Jaxx,  “Feeling’s Gone” has been perking up the music video channels over here in the UK.  Unfort, I can’t find an online version of it anywhere, but trust me it’s quite fun, but for now you’ll have to settle for this YouTube nugget

Sam’s protegee’s Love Grenades have also been garnering some attention as well.  They have an EP out right now called “Tigers in the Fire” and the band has been hailed as “ones to watch out for in LA” with the EP being touted as “a high-energy collection of dance-infused tunes of heartbreak, defiant independence, and life in Los Angeles.”  I quite like the Love Grenades – they got something – make sure to check them out on MySpace pronto.

And finally, I’ve said it three times already, but you must check out the Sam Sparro Remix of “Sexy People” by rising star Lolene – it’s sheer genius with the classic “electric house funk” footprint that Sam Sparro leaves on all his work. 

It’s nice to have all these little tidbits in the works as we await the next body of work from Mr. Sparro.  It kinda makes up for the lack of a proper single release for “Pocket” which I am still sore-nosed about…