"Feels like some kinda of rush" – these words should have you wetting yourself in a manner that wouldn’t be aloud on any of London’s rather fine transport services. This is because those words between the two pieces of punctuation above greet you into the start of the best Booty Luv song since ‘Shine’. They are therefore a form of brilliance on tap.

The song is called ‘Some Kinda Rush’ and as you might have heard somewhere else – is amazing. The problem is that because of all these buzzwords that are flying about, such as "piracy" and "illegal", we can’t really put up a copy of the song for you to listen to, despite the fact that it is absolutely brilliant and deserves no more than to be listened to.

In fact, having listened to the Booty Luv album sampler until our ears feel as if they might be better suited to our rectum (this is a Booty Luv joke!) – we can tell you that the Booty Luv album, when it is released on September 17th, is looking to be one of those albums that you will not forget for the next ten years. This means that the Booty Luv album will sit beside such titles as ‘Spice’, ‘Sound of the Underground’ and our tip for years to come ‘Insomniatic’.

But to give you a taster of how good ‘Some Kinda Rush’ is, let’s just say that it well and truly has a rush in its music, going from ‘soft and quiet’ to ‘loud and powerful’. This might not be the rush that they are on about, but it does exist without the drugs that we assume are involved in the ‘Booty Luv rush’. There is also a mention of lust taking over their soul. Postcodes are mentioned. And so is the idea that they can’t stop because, get this, they feel so alive, although not so alive that they don’t get butterflies in their stomach.

Something else about Booty Luv you might be interested in – is a story that was published in the News of the World on Sunday. It was about how the Luv, in the blue dress, used to have an eating disorder but is now, thankfully, over it. We’re not sure if this story was supposed to be a form of promotion for Booty Luv, or if she was paid £1,000 for her true life story. Frankly, we don’t care because this is just the right time to stop talking about Booty Luv for now except to remind you to read the BOOTY LUV INTERVIEW!! Desperation? Of course.