Pop Quiz EQs!  What is Darius Danesh doing in this photograph?

A – He’s starring in Brokeback Mountain 2 : The Cuddly Lovable Grizzly Bears


B – He’s starring as Rhett Butler in the West End musical of classic love story "Gone With The Wind".

Darius, despite your current look you’re rocking (I’m sure it’s for the role your playing), you still will always be THE ONE Popstar who wins the "Had-me-so-transfixed-that-I-followed-you-for-3 blocks-around-Earls Court-at-3am-after-a-night-of-clubbing Award" shortly following the making of your "Rushes" video. 

Geesh, Darren Hayes didn’t even win that EQ accolade – you should feel honored! 

Please put out a new album too – I’m waiting!